Friday, 26 April 2013

Good Reads Web Site

I was vaguely aware of Good Reads up until now, but having checked it out recently I decided to give it a go and register an account over there.

It's so difficult to keep track of what I have read, will read and total books within a year, that it's much easier to enter the information on there as I go and the computer do the work for me, rather than risk missing stuff and mis-calculating totals etc.

So HERE is my Good Reads profile for all the trivial data stuff.  From now on I'm cutting out numbering the number of books tally for 2013 in brackets.

Another good reason for going down that route is that Amazon have recently purchased Good Reads, and it's nice to support the family as it were.

If anyone reading this is a Good Reads Member, send me a friend request or let me know what your username is and I will add you as a friend.

I will also be working on getting my previous books uploaded on to my Book Shelf over there as well, and then I can cut out numbering the posts altogether.

I can also then keep track of all my "To Read" daily Amazon Selections, and anything else I have on my Wish List all in one place.  It just means a lot of typing and inputting my end ... thank goodness for cut and paste!



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