Saturday, 23 February 2013

#301 (#19 of 2013) - If Love Dares Enough (The Montbryce Legacy) ~ Anna Markland *NEW AUTHOR


Violence arouses Hugh.
He avoids women ... but he cannot turn a blind eye to the abuse Devona suffers at the hands of her husband, even at the risk of angering his King.

Product Description:

I got this from Kindle as a freebie.  At time of writing this post it is £1.91.

Apparently, this is the third book in the series.  At 182 pages I would consider it a Novella.

Book 1 - Conquering Passion
Book 2 - A Man of Value
Book 3 - If Love Dares Enough
Book 4 - Passion in the Blood

There is also a Montbryce Next Generation, and the author has written other pieces of fiction, which as far as I can work out are based on the Medieval.

* * * *


Although this book is way outside my usual time period, I have to admit that I loved it.

In fact it's fair to say that I couldn't actually put it down.

Fabulous well paced story, with characters that you could invest in and a believable villain.

Amazon only go up to 5 stars, but I would be happy to give this a 5+ star rating.  I paid nothing for this and feel blessed to be introduced to this author, and can't wait to read more.

If you read anything this year, have a go at this series of books.



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