Thursday, 7 February 2013

#285 (#3 of 2013) - Dance of Passion ~ Subu Raj *NEW AUTHOR


Do you remember the days when you were insanely in love? What about the time when you fell in love with an image of a person without even looking at them? And then, those days when the world seemed to have collapsed because of the love gone kaput? 

This work is based on the author's experience as he finds people in and around him go through various emotions of love and passion in different stages of life. Inspired by true events, this is a book of poems with passion as the main theme.


Kindle - another freebie, but I believe it's £.91 as at today's date.


Short - 36 pages

* * * *


A contemporary book of prose and author's thoughts, something out of the ordinary for me.

I picked it up as a free offering, but would not have normally wasted my cash on something like this.

Having said that it is fairly well written, although there were minor spelling/grammatical errors here and there.

If prose are your thing, you might like it, but I do feel it is a little over priced for just 36 pages.

3 Stars.


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