Friday, 8 February 2013

#287 (#5 of 2013) - In the Garden of Temptation ~ Cynthia Wicklund *NEW AUTHOR


HONOR – Adam Stanford, Earl of Ashworth, has always done the right thing.
DESIRE – Lady Catherine Bourgeault, lonely and rejected, longs to experience passion, to love just once in her life.
TREACHERY – The Baron Bourgeault, to what extremes will an obsessive, unstable man go to achieve his own dark ends? 
SEDUCTION – In the face of a love that will not be denied, Adam and Catherine risk everything to be together.
BETRAYAL – What price must Catherine and Adam pay for a forbidden love in a time when honor meant everything?


I purchased on Amazon - another free one - at time of publishing this post it's listed as 77p, which is an absolute bargain.


239 pages.  I think it might be self-published as it just shows as sold through Amazon.  This is Book 1 in the series there are more of them:

In the Garden of Seduction - Book 2
In the Garden of Disgrace - Book 3
In the Garden of Deceit - Book 4

The author has also written others.

* * * *


Without hesitate 5 stars awarded to this exceptionally well written story.  

I fell in love with the main characters from the start, and empathised with their plight .... for me this demonstrates that it is well written.

Poor lady, she was just a pawn in her twisted husband's sordid life.

This book comes highly recommended.  For me it was another free Amazon purchase, but I would have been more than happy to have paid hold card cash for it, and will actively seek out more by her.

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