Friday, 8 February 2013

#289 (#7 of 2013) - Surrender at Dawn ~ Laura Griffin *NEW AUTHOR


Former Navy SEAL Jack Brenner knows he's in trouble the minute Charlotte Whiteside steps into a seedy Thai bar and asks him to help rescue her brother, who is being held hostage on a nearby island. Jack doesn't want to get tangled up in Charlotte's problems or anyone else's, but an obligation to a SEAL teammate prompts him to get involved. They embark on a nighttime mission that turns out to be more dangerous--and passionate--than either of them ever imagined.

Product Details:

Short story of circa 20 pages plus a book excerpt.

I got this as a free download in December 2012, but it is currently listed as 77p.  You can find it HERE.

* * * *


A nice quick read for a train journey etc. but other than that I can't think of anything either positive or negative to add. Other than I'm glad I got it as a freebie download.



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