Friday, 22 February 2013

#299 (#17 of 2013) - The Rancher Takes a Bride (The Burnett Brides - Book 1) ~ Sylvia McDaniel *NEW AUTHOR


Eugenia Burnett wants grandchildren. This cunning widow is determined to find wives for her brood of handsome sons.

Rose Severin, speaks to the dead or at least she pretends to until she can earn enough money to make her way to New York and become a famous actress like her mother. Travis Burnett is resolved to rid the frontier town of imposters like Rose. But Eugenia thinks the fiery Rose is just the woman for her obstinate son. She schemes to keep Rose at the family ranch where Travis soon realizes that the supposed spiritualist is more than just a pretty swindler. 

Product Details:

242 pages Kindle Book.  Previously published as The Rancher.

I got this as a free download, and at the time of posting this it is still showing as a freebie.

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Just a normal tale of boy meets girl, dislikes everything she stands for and mis-trusts her deeply, coupled with a mother who knows better and burgeoning love, but what was different was just how beautifully this was written.

A 5 star read all the way, and I found it difficult to put down.  All along I was willing them to come together and realise how perfect they were, for each other and together.

There is no doubt that I will read more by this truly inspiring author.



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