Wednesday, 6 February 2013

#284 (#2 of 2013) - The Vampire Viscount ~ Karen Habraugh *NEW AUTHOR

Nicholas, Viscount St. Vire finds that the eternal youth and the supernatural strength of a vampire means little in the face of impending insanity and the eventual deterioration of his senses. Only the willing embrace of a virginal young woman can reverse his condition. Who better for his wife-to-be than the impoverished Leonore Farleigh, whose abusive father sells her to St. Vire to pay off gaming debts? Leonore agrees to marry him--how else is she going to save her sister and her mother from their poverty and pain? But she soon finds she's stepped into a marriage of inconvenience… and possible death.

* * *

Another freebie from Kindle (you only need to know where to look to pick hem up!).

Actually, not something I would normally read, but enjoyable nonetheless, as it wasn't too vampiric  in content.

A 4 star read, and I might actually try more by this author.


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