Friday, 8 February 2013

#291 (#9 of 2013) - All I Want for Christmas is You ~ Lisa Mondello *NEW AUTHOR

Fate with a Helping Hand Series - Book 1 


Sometimes fate needs a little hand...

Santa Claus is going to have a rough season... Lauren Alexander is raising her daughter alone. Abandoned by her family for her decision to keep her daughter Kristen, she has done a pretty good job for the last six years. Or she thought she had. That's why she is crushed when little Kristen gives up her wish for a toy or goodie and instead asks Santa for a present for her mother. She wants Santa to bring a Daddy. Delivering Daddies isn't Santa's bag. 

But this Santa has a plan... 

Kyle Preston knows what it is like to be abandoned too. Luckily he found the support of loving adoptive parents and has turned himself into one of the most successful Real Estate developers in town. 

Building a house is easy. Building someone's trust is a whole other story. But with a little helping hand, a little Christmas magic can make all the difference in the world.

Length/Purchase price etc:

Short'ish 200 pages
That's easy it is another freebie I picked up, but currently showing as 77p on Kindle.
Published by Amazon, so I'm guess it was a self-publication - always willing to accept correction if this is not the case.

* * *


Sweet story, and deceptively easy to read.  All along I willing Kyle to make head way with this girl who would not let her barriers down.

Faith in true love won out in the end and gained 4 stars, it would have been a 3.5 if Amazon had half stars.


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