Tuesday, 5 February 2013

#283 (#1 of 2013) - Quintspinner: A Pirate's Quest ~ Dianne Greenlay *NEW AUTHOR


Kindle, I picked up as a free one.

Product Description

A secret and unauthorized trip through the chaos of a 1717 London marketplace takes a bizarre twist for 16 year old Tess. Unexpectedly witnessing the murder of a renowned Seer, Tess becomes the keeper of the old woman's legendary spinner ring and its supposed power of prophecy. Returning home, Tess bears the brunt of her father's rage when he is informed of her disobedient excursion. An ensuing altercation with her father leads Tess to the discovery of a family secret that stuns her. Even so, she never imagines that she will soon find herself forcibly betrothed to the murderer and trapped on a ship bound for the pirate-infested waters of the West Indies. With increasing dread, she realizes a growing attraction that she has for a handsome sailor puts both their lives at risk. Moreover, she quickly discovers that her ruthless fiance covets her only for her ring and its power, and will stop at nothing to obtain it for himself. The stakes for survival become unbearably high when she is thrust into the hands of a marauding band of pirates, and she must make an agonizing and life-threatening choice for herself. A tale of pirates and treasure, love and betrayal, all bound together by a dash of ancient magic, Quintspinner has been described by readers as "a wonderfully entertaining, fast and furious ride; Lord of the Rings meets Pirates of the Caribbean".

About the Author

Dianne Greenlay is the author of Quintspinner - A Pirate's Quest, a novel that has won numerous awards including Best YA, Best Historical, and was runner-up for Book of the Year, but her most notable accomplishment was to have raised a family of six children in a household with one bathroom and everyone got out alive. She lives on the Canadian prairies with Hot Stuff Hubby, where she shares her home and yard with numerous animals both wild and tame.



Yet another one picked up free from Kindle (I love that I can do that).

Immediately, it didn't strike me as something that I would like, but decided as I hadn't had to shell out hard cash on it, I might as well try and expand my horizons a mite this year.  Especially, as my reading tally was well down on my projected target last year.

However, I would say from about the first Chapter ... it always takes a little while I find with a new author .... I was interested, and by about five chapters in I couldn't put the book down.

I love the main character Tess, and was fascinated with the inter-play between her and Cassie, and her growing feels for William.

Additionally, there is the journey that Tess travels to discover the powers that lay will eventually be hers.

Strongly recommended that you give the whole series a try, I know I am going to.  A heady mix of histroical, with some romance, but a magical and mythical twist.

I awarded it 5 stars on Amazon, but they don't go higher.  On here it is getting the 5 Star + rating.


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