Friday, 15 February 2013

#294 (#12 of 2013) ~ Lady Deception - Rizzo Rosko *NEW AUTHOR


She would do anything for the money.

Though Elizabeth Holton is the daughter of a wealthy knight, she was raised in poverty after her mother ran away before she was born. ‘For your protection,’ she would say, but Eliza’s mother had to sell her body to cruel men to provide for her daughter.
After her death, Eliza made up her mind to become the lady she believes herself to be. She arranged for the local lord’s son to have an accident while out riding. But the men she hired were too severe. Instead of merely robbing Blaise Gray, they beat him and left him for dead.

Except fall in love.

For saving his life, Eliza is brought to live in Blaise’s castle where she fights her attraction to him, terrified of the pain she will feel should he discover it was her who nearly ended his life.
Though Blaise cannot deny his heated lust for the beautiful peasant girl who saved his life, he also cannot halt his suspicion that she may have had something to do with his attack. It wouldn’t have been the first time someone from the lower class attempted to use him, yet he finds himself falling in love with her anyway. But the confirmation that she had nearly killed him to become a lady could be his undoing.

Product Details:

Purchased on Kindle as a freebie, but at the time of this review it's listed as £1.53.

208 pages in length.

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I have been debating for about half an hour about how I feel about this piece of fiction.

In the end I decided that I couldn't really warrant more than 3 star rating for it.

For me, the characters lacked depth, the pace was slow and there was a lack of content to the piece as a whole.  It left me feeling decidedly underwhelmed in a way, as if the author had failed to engender any kind of emotion into the piece ... almost like it had been written as a casual observer rather with any real feeling being achieved.

I've popped it in my One Off Reads folder, but would like to reading something else by Ms Rosk to see if this was a one off baddie, and I could gel with more of her work.



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