Sunday, 8 January 2012

#203 (#1 of 2012) - The True Darcy Spirit ~ Elizabeth Aston *NEW AUTHOR

ISBN or Kindle:


Publisher:  Harper

Main Characters:

Miss Cassandra Darcy and Horatio Darcy

Brief Outline of plot:

Cassandar Darcy finds herself alone and penniless in London after falling for a gentleman.  It seems that he had tricked her into eloping to get his hands on her fortune, however having found that was the case she refuses to marry him and decides to take her chances and earn her own living as a painter.

Thanks to a chance meeting with her cousin (daughter of the Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett) brings her not only a friendship by support for her undoubted talent.

Horatio is another Darcy connection, and he has been charged by her step-father into either seeing that she marries the rake she ran away with or making sure she lives in seclusion.

Rating and conclusion:

I would normally say that it's a mistake to try and emulate the amazing Jane Austen, however this author does quite a good job.  Actually, she doesn't try to emulate, but move the story on a few generations.  I liked it .... my Mother didn't.  So this well written tale scores a 4, and I will be looking around for others she has writeen, which I believe are also based on the Dary legacy.



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