Tuesday, 31 May 2011

#125 (#61) - Whispers on the Water - Audrey Howard

Whispers on the Water

ISBN: 978-0-340-76933-1

A much more satisfying read after the last book - I enjoyed it a great deal - always a good book when I cry!!  A 4 **** Star read and actually not too much misery in this one .... not that Audrey Howard doesn't write misery and heart ache extremely well!!

Grace Tooley meets her one and only true love when she is about fourteen at a flying display .... he is rich,  handsome and charming and the friend of her eldest brother, Arthur.

Whilst Rupert goes off to join the Army, but Grace finds it difficult to forget him.  Grace is then beset by the tragic death of Arthur on the Titanic, and all but mental collapse of her parents.  Rupert comes back into her life briefly as she tries to keep the family and business together.

Just as she seems to be getting it all back together again, she witnesses Rupert buying an engagement ring, and she has to comes to terms with losing her love forever.

The meet again during the Great War, when they have been changed into very different people by the death of 2 more of her brothers and Rupert's horrific injury and his wife's rejection.  However, Rupert can't accept that Grace loves him and she eventually marries another Officer and finds out that she is pregnant.  Who is the baby of the father, and will it be a happy ending?

Happy reading.


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