Wednesday, 4 May 2011

#113 (#49) - Bargain Bride ~ Iris Gower

Bargain Bride

ISBN: 978-0-55215-434-5

I believe this is Book 2 in The Palace Theatre Series

After the last book by this author, this was was a bit more like it .... no harping over and over the same ground!  A 3 *** Star read.  Actually, it was okay enough that I think I will find Book 1 in the series (Act of Love) and see how that is.

This particular book features young Swansea school teacher, Charlotte Mortimer who is engaged to her fellow teacher, Luke Lester.

Charlotte is devoted to her school and therefore elects to say in Swansea with her fiance instead of going to America with her step-mother and siblings.  Although, whilst she feels affection for Luke, she's not really ready to commit to marriage just yet.

Then into their lives comes a new School Governor, wealthy widower Mr Justin Harvard, and after an accident at the Copper works the school has to be closed.  She strikes an unexpected bargain with Mr Harvard that she will marry him and he will build her a new school.

So with a broken engagement to Luke, and a strange marriage to the austere Justin, is there any chance for love?

Next on my agenda is a Julia Quinn, and it is ALWAYS a happy day when I have one of those to read!!

Happy reading


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