Saturday, 14 May 2011

#116 (#52) A Time Like No Other - Audrey Howard

A Time Like No Other

ISBN: 978-1-4056-1864-9

At the age of just 20 Lally Fraser is left without the love of her life, with 2 small infant sons and absolutely no money on a badly neglected country estate.

She seeks the comfort of dashing childhood friend, Roly Sinclair with leaves her pregnant and is rescued by his elder brother, Harry, when he offers her marriage.

The only thing is that Harry is actually in love with her, but will she ever (a) realise that fact and (b) come to love him in return?

This was another 5 ***** Star rated book by the superbly talented Audrey Howard, although I find that the characters are so well written that I simply worry about them the whole time, which is not easy as they usually go through flood, fire, torment and brutality along the way!!


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