Tuesday, 3 May 2011

#112 (#48) - The Other Woman ~ Iris Gower *NEW AUTHOR

The Other Woman (Drovers Series, #3) (Drovers 3)

ISBN: 978-0-55215-434-5

This is part of her "Drover Series", but it's quite possible to read as a stand alone book.  My only criticism was that there was a little too long spent over the "love him him/her ... but I also love the other" throughout the book, and therefore that cut down the story content slightly.  Obviously I recognise the need for some of those internal monologues, but just not quite that much.  Therefore I decided on a 2.5 *** Star rating.

Gwenllyn Lyons had nursed back to health a handsome man, Caradoc Jones, after he had lost his memory, and they had an idyllic time together.  When his memory returned he also returned to his wife, leaving young and spirited Gwenlly Lyons on her own and pregnant.

To protect her name, she offers Drover Harry Rees a bag of gold in return for marriage and his name, that's all.  Harry however has other ideas and sticks around after the wedding.

When Caradoc finds out that Gwenllyn has bourne him a son, he just can't keep away and it ruins his marriage and the realtionship that Gwenlly and Harry have been building too.

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