Monday, 23 May 2011

#121 (#57) A Place Called Hope ~ Audrey Howard

ISBN: 978-0340769294

Another doozie of tale ..... and a 4.5 ***** Star read.

Amy, Lady Blenkinsopp a small and outwardly frail girl was married to the much older Sir Robert - who used and abused her just like another possession, in fact he took great pleasure in it.  After giving birth to her Baby Son, Robert, she ran away, but returned when her son was six months old to have the whole cycle of abuse continue.

The new Gamekeeper (Duffy) was there in the garden on the day she returned, and thought he had never seen any quite to exquisite as Lady Blenkinsopp.  He is not the normal Gamekeeper, in fact he acts like a Gentleman, and he harbours a secret about his life.

On the night of her return, Amy is abused by her husband, but is found unconscious at the bottom of the staircase the next morning, having suffered a stroke .... which happily for Amy deprived him of speech and movement.

Amy begins to show her inner strength and takes over the management of the estate with Duffy's help, which prospers under the guardianship.  She also goes on to to give birth to twin babies nearly nine months after her return.

By now he is desperately in love with Amy, but Duffy's old life calls him away.  He presumes that Amy will be safe.  However, Sir Robert is left upstairs to be cared for by an loathsome servant, but what nobody realises is that he has secretly worked hard to get back some speech and movement and has plotted to take his revenge.

What will become of her and her children, will she ever see Duffy again, and will the hell of her old live come back to haunt her?

Ahhh, you know I'm going to say ..... read it!!!!
A Place Called Hope (Paragon Softcover Large Print Books)

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