Saturday, 14 May 2011

#117 (#53) - Echo of Another Time ~ Audrey Howard

Echo of Another Time

ISBN: 9-780340-595831

In last year of Queen Victoria's reign, Celie Marlow first begins working for the Latimer family as a kitchen maid. Determined to be the best cook in Liverpool at worst, she's taken under the wing of the Cook, Jess Harper who recognises her talent.

Shortly after that a young Swedish Boy is taken into the Latimers', he speaks no English and he and Celie form a special bond to one another.  Not knowing what his real name is, or being able to pronounce it when they do find out, he is called Dan Smith.

Celie eventually becomes Cooks' assistant, and after the sad demise of Celie's Father, Dan becomes Head Gardener for the Latimers'. She also forms an attachment to one of the Latimer girls, Prudence, who is cast out of the family for falling deeply in love with the wrong man.

However, the eldest son, Captain Richard Latimer has fallen in love with Celie, and at the wedding of one of the Latimer girls there is a terrible fight, and both Dan and Celie are dismissed.  Cook, who has been struggling for some time to continue, also walks out, taking with her another maid Kate.

Jess Harper uses money she has put aside to start a Tea Rooms, and eventually they also steal quite a lot more of the Latimer staff.

What of Richard and his love for Celie though?  You will simply have to read this 4 **** Star read to find out, but it was a totally enchanting tale.

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