Thursday, 26 May 2011

#123 (#59) -Wicked All Day ~ Liz Carlyle

Wicked All Day

ISBN: 978-1-4104-2344-3

A very quick review on this one  .....   as in a rush to get it back to library (overdue bad me!!).  A 3 *** Star rating as in my opinion not quite as good as others (no George Kemble or real jeopardy either) and actual content a wee bit thin on the ground.  In my humble opinion I think she missed the chance to write a real winner with the jealous mistress causing a lot more harm along the way.

Zoe Armstrong, bastard daughter of the Earl of Rannouch and friend of Miss Phaedra Northampton (#106 - Tempted All Night) , a complete flirt and up for any old rig is caught in a very compromising situation with her childhood friend, Lord Robin by his older brother, Marquess of Mercer and his spiteful mistress.

Robin is given no alternative other than to offer for Zoe to save her already tarnished reputation, and they hie off to the home of the Marquess for the summer, and it is intended that they will marry before the new Season.

Unfortunately, Robin comes to realise that he in actual fact in love with his mistress, and Zoe fights against an ever growing attraction for the Marquess.

Robin goes off the rails, drinks, makes very merry at the local tavern and has was it very nearly a fatal accident .... so do they go through with the marriage and make the best of a bad lot?


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