Wednesday, 11 May 2011

#115 (#51) - A Spell of Swallows - Sarah Harrison *NEW AUTHOR

Spell of Swallows

ISBN: 978-0-340-82862-5

After nearly a week thinking about this book, and discussing it with my Mother I still can't make up my mind if I actually liked or disliked it ----- ambivalent can be the only word I suppose.  Don't get me wrong it was incredibly well written, and it didn't feel like I was taking a penance to read the thing.  Ambivalent can be the only word to Ashe too, and we have had heated debates about whether he was always going to turn out this way because of character traits he was born with, or indeed it was his upbringing and subsequent events ---- still can't make up our minds about that one.  So, I would recommend this thought provoking book and a 4 **** Star rating from me.

Vicar's wife, Vivien Mariner loves her husband (Saxon), who in turn adores her.  When an enigmatic stranger appears in the quiet village, John Ashe, she is strangely drawn to him as he helps around the house and church, and teaches her how to drive.

As the Vicar's wife she has to remain above suspicion and therefore is she able to avoid the dangerous pull of the passion writhing around within?

I have a whole list of books that I've finished and need to write up ... 3 of the blooming things, and have just started on a new Julia Quinn .... as you will know by now ...... a happy, happy day when that happens.


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