Monday, 16 May 2011

#118 (#54) - It's In His Kiss ~ Julia Quinn

It's In His Kiss

ISBN: 0-7499-3663-0

What more can I say about a Julia Quinn book than I have said so many times before ... sparking, fun, intelligent, in all SUCH FUN!  Another 5 ***** Star read - I truly think she is my most favourite author.

This tale is another in the Bridgerton series, and features the youngest sibling, Hyacinth.  So very, very smart and holding out for somebody whom she can love and will tolerate her intelligence and not feel threatened by it.  She is also unprepared to compromise and dumb down for any man.  I felt that she really wanted to actually fall in love with somebody who could be her equal.

Then Gareth St Clair rocks up on the scene ..... following the death of his Brother, he's the sole heir to the Baron St Clair (his Father) and they truly hate one another. In fact Lord St Clair is set to ruin the family fortune rather than see it go to Gareth

Gareth left home at a tender age, and was taken under his Grandmother's wing (the formidable Lady Danbury), on whom he dotes.  Gareth's sole heirloom is an old diary written by the Baron's Mother, which is in Italian.  He speaks not a word, but Hyacinth does a little.  Even though Gareth admits that Hyacinth is best in small doses they set to unravel the truth ........... and fall in love?


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