Tuesday, 28 January 2014

#417 - Forget Me Not

Forget Me NotForget Me Not by Melissa Lynne Blue

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Three positive things about this book: it had a sweet ending, some portions were nicely written and a lovely cover.

Apart from that I'm afraid that the punctuation towards the beginning was terrible; in the main it lacked focus and drive and the standard of English was poor, with lots of errors and bug bears.

A disappointing 2 stars from me; definitely a book I will forget.

Product Details:

I am ashamed to say this was a DSOA featured book last April, picked mainly because of the lovely cover.  

It is available HERE at a listed Kindle price of 77p.  Is it worth the money, I would say not.

326 pages
Fiction, Historical, Romance
Indie Writer (Self-published)
No overt sexual content

Errors/Bug Bears:

Loc 24:   ... she always managed to spill on it - a sentence such as this holds up my point nicely I believe.

Loc 305: She would write her grandmother every day - ditto

Loc 347:  ... he'd thought to secure permission to writer her - ditto

Loc 750:  ... I just cannot seem to wrap my head around any of what's happened to us - I like my "historical" fiction to be authentic, that is not!

Loc 442: He scowled.  ignored him - despite re-setting my Kindle countless times this seems to be a formatting error.

Loc 1850: - The bungalow was cozy - bungalow is an Indian word at the time of the British Raj I believe; not appropriate in this context.

Loc 2114:  It feels as though an entire caravan ran over me - I would question the use of "caravan".

Loc 2131:  ... pistol from his pants - pants is not an historically correct term, if you are going to write in this genre do the research.

Loc 4093:  Go await the magistrate or something useful - by now it will be perfectly clear about much I abhor this kind of sentence structure.

Loc 4285:  go wait on the balcony - ditto

Loc 4377:  ... your feet feel like ice sickles - I would argue it should be icicles, but it may be a difference between Standard English and North American English.

Loc 4702:  ... murder you and leave your body on the moors for the wolves - the sentence should have a comma inserted, and also "wolves" is historically incorrect:  research, or lack of it, lets this piece of work down yet again.

Loc 4857:  A consortium of multicoloured pedals kissed the glow of her skin - multi-coloured and it should be "petals" (actually pedals used instead of petals is common with North American written English for some reason, it could be a pronunciation error that leads to it.

Loc 5217:  ... finally convinced her to rest a spell - such an unattractive choice of wording.

Happy reading.



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