Monday, 20 January 2014

#413 ~ Unwilling (Highland Historical)

Unwilling (The MacLauchlans, #2)Unwilling by Kerrigan Byrne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

MacLauchlan Series #2

Please note that this was a re-read for me - I had previously read this book as part of the Trilogy Box Set on Kindle.  I enjoyed it so much the first time, that I thought I might as well have another go!

One word (still) sums this up ..... AWESOME.

Without a doubt of the best modern writing I have come across in some time.

Smoothly written with a flowing plot ... the plot is a little formulaic across the series, but nonetheless it didn't detract at all from the overall experience. I can't actually remember seeing any spelling, editorial or grammatical errors, but remain fairly unnoticed amongst the whole entity of this creation.

If you find the time to read anything this year, make it this. Even though it's not available as a free download any more, I would still happily pay the price requested to read something this good.

Kerrigan Byrne should be heartily congratulated and celebrated for the creation of this stunning piece of literature.

What more can I say .... I want a Beserker!

5+ star rating all the way.

Product Details:

You can download a copy HERE, I was lucky enough to get it as a free Kindle download both times (the box set, and then the second book), and they were featured as DSOAs'.  The current listed price for the single Kindle file for this particular book is £2.03, and the Box Set is available HERE for a listed price of  £3.83.  You don't need to be a mathematical genius to work out that the Boxed Set is much better value for money.

Single Kindle book is 92 pages
Historical Romantic Fiction
Some sexual content - a huge hulking brute of a hero too
Published by Ardent Publishing (April 2013)

Error/Bug Bears:

Excellently delivered product with no problems to report.



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