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#409 ~ Alexandria

AlexandriaAlexandria by John Kaden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Centuries after the collapse of the civilised world as we know it, a peaceable forest tribe are murdered, their children and stolen and taken to what on the face of it could be a Utopian Society at the Nezran Temple.

However, all is not as it seems and their new world is built on lies, megalomania and tyranny, and is very much Dystopian.

The main protagonists, Jack and Lia, were childhood sweethearts, and many years later they manage to escape following a small raid by others. On the so called attackers gives them assistance to escape, put is horrendously tortured to find out where Jack and Lia have gone.

On the run from the young adults not only have to navigate their way through an alien and hostile environment, but have to follow the vague directions given to find the answer to all their questions. All of which has to be done whilst avoiding vicious foes and the Nezran Scouts out to kill them.

It was wonderfully paced, with nice twists, turns and glimpses of kindness and humanitarianism.

There was a downside though, and that was the cliff-hanging ending. I've just checked John Kaden's blog on GoodReads, and he announced in September 2013 that there will be a sequel eventually, so fingers crossed it won't take too long - this could definitely turn into a saga of epic proportions.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading of their travails, awarding 4 Stars. If I'd had the ability to give half star ratings, there is not doubt it would have been 4.5. Why not 5? Well, there were a few errors/bug bears that kept it off the top spot - please see the fuller Blog Post #409 in January 2014.

Can I just say that the cover artwork was stunning, and really says so much about the world that Jack and Lia inhabit. Kudos to the author for choosing it.

Product Details:

I featured this as a DSOA back in April 2013 - yes, I am that far behind with my WTR list!

You can download a copy HERE.

Listed price for the Kindle file is currently £2.56 - excellent value for money, and the paperback is £8.85.

444 pages
Indie Published by John Kaden the Author
Genre:  Fiction, Futuristic, Fantasy
No overt sexual content

Errors/Bug Bears:

Loc 1548:  The caravan curves around back of the Temple ...

This is a bug bear:  The caravan curved around behind the back of the Temple ... 

Loc 1878:  In the high cloistered dormitory, a group of new boys crowds around the thin windows.

It would have been better to use crowded around.

Loc 2140:  You used laughed at me all the time.

Correct to:  You used to laugh at me all the time.

Loc 2993:  A family of deer traipses through the grass....

It would have been better to used traipsed.

Loc 3486:  ...feeling a pang of desire to go be with them.

It's a difference between North American and Queen's English, it should really be:  ...feeling a pang of desire to be with them.

Loc 4638:  ...and asked us to come find you.

Again, the difference between North American and Queen's English, it should be:  ...and asked us to find you.

Happy reading.



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