Saturday, 18 January 2014

#410 - While Angels Slept

While Angels SleptWhile Angels Slept by Kathryn Le Veque

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A nice innocuous little historical romance.

I have to say the 'fiery passion' mentions in the book's description didn't come across too well for me.

I certainly wouldn't dismiss this author altogether ... I can't complain too loudly; it was Kindle freebie.

Product Details:

I featured this as a DSOA back in April 2013.  It's available HERE with a listed price for the Kindle file of £3.11.  The paperback is available HERE for £7.89

Errors/Bug Bears:

As I'm short of time, I will just add a list of location numbers.  Some of them, indicated with an asterix (*) are the difference between North American sentence structure and English, i.e. go carry; go fetch; go talk; etc.

Loc 271 - go speak *

Loc 1321 - Cantia's eyes were wide with concerned until she saw the fire.

Loc 1369 - Simon moved carry out his liege's orders.

Loc 1411 - Myles' gaze move from Tevin to Val and back again.

Loc 1801 - It amazing part was that she had done it whist Tevin ravaged her.

Loc 2258 - Though there was no longer any horrendous pain associate with the memory ...

Loc 3245 - go search * 

Loc 3259 - and he was very angry at his cousin

Loc 3910 - go find help *

Loc 4150 - take great pleasure your lingering and bloody death.

Happy reading.


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