Tuesday, 7 January 2014

#408 ~ Sweet Piracy

Sweet PiracySweet Piracy by Jennifer Blake

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was one of my DSOA picks on the Blog, way back in April 2013, and I've only just managed to find the time to read it.

I had been expecting more than it actually delivered I'm afraid .... it was a little too sweet, and the pace a little too slow and predictable for my taste - it felt like formulaic writing. Actually, a couple of times I really did think it would be a DNF, but I managed to get through it in the end.

On the plus side there were very few Errors or Bug Bears (if you don't know how I roll yet, they are always featured on my Blog in the fuller post).

It may be that this was not as good as some of Ms Blake's other books, and I may well try another to see if there is any improvement.

A sad and disappointing 2 Stars from me I'm afraid.

Product Details:

As mentioned above, this was a DSOA pick in April 2013, and can be found HERE.  The Kindle edition is currently listed at 77p and the paperback £8.50. I would say that the Kindle price of 77p is fairly reasonable value for money.

256 pages
Adult reading (no overt sexual content)
Published by Steel Magnolia Press (29 March 2013)
Fiction, Historical, Romance genre

Errors/Bug Bears:

Happily only a smattering.

Loc 551:  ...and with Anatole somewhat more nattily tamed out beside him ..

Correct to:  ...and with Anatole somewhat more nattily turned out beside him ..

Loc 1729:  ... his two sons, and their tutor rode horseback.

Okay, I admit this one is a bug bear rode horseback jarred, and seemed superfluous, just "rode" would have been sufficient.

Loc 1771:  ... French windows onto its dimly lighted expanse.

I would argue that it should be changed to:  ... French windows onto its dimly lit expanse.

Happy reading.



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