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#414 ~ Myth of the Moongoddess

Myth of the Moon Goddess: The Aradia Chronicles-Books One, Two, and ThreeMyth of the Moon Goddess: The Aradia Chronicles-Books One, Two, and Three by April Rane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Aradia Chronicles Books#1, 2 & 3

This was featured as of one of my DSOA's in April 2013.

Purely from a personal point of view, the author made the mistake of putting the Author's Notes at the beginning of the book. Normally, I only tend to read them if I have really enjoyed their work, but as it was presented as the first thing I saw, it was duly read.

I do feel that it coloured my perception of the plot for quite a few chapters. The Notes came across as pretentious and condescending ... although I am not sure if the author intended that ... it was just the way I saw it.

When I looked finally looked beyond; I gained a little more enjoyment.

The plot was a little slow in places, but there this was made up by some quite nice passages sprinkled here and there.

That having been said, I still don't think it was for me, and won't be pursuing the rest of the series. I have come to the conclusion (back up by my husband frequently) that I am a shallow thinker with a deep end half the depth of a puzzle. Therefore, for me this was a 3 star read. The more cerebral/spiritual reader may get more out of it than I. Give it a go; make up your own mind if it is for you.

Product Description:

Another DSOA from April 2013, which I have only recently got around to reading.  It's listed HERE for 77p for the Kindle download - not bad I hear you say - and an unbelievable £13.29 for the paperback.

A Box Set of 3 Books
378 pages in all
Fiction, Fantasy, Myth and Magic
Indie (Self) Published by April Rane
A small amount of sexual content

Errors/Bug Bears:

Loc 176: sharewith - space required

Loc 177: myheart - space required

Loc 835:  Her own held secrets and enigmatic mysteries of old flowed through her finger tips as she placed the leaf in Aradia's hands - this needs to be punctuated

Loc 1016: drug her out of the cabin - dragged

Loc 1136:  it does not come natural to them - naturally

Loc 1269:  prison guards had gotten sick - the prison guards had been taken ill

Loc 1753:  She had her own plans to fatten her up; put some meat on her bones cause she's too thin, said the cook, who had been at the villa for thirty years - mmmm, punctuation, speech marks and work on the entire sentence structure required.

Loc 2194:  seat next to the captain of ship in which she had been a captive on - change sentence structure.

Loc 2748:  huddles - hurdles

Loc 2820:  her son as he ate a hardy meal - hearty

Loc 3521:  although she had never showed her temper in front of Eurynome - shown

Loc 4147:  you go look at the dress - you go and look at the dress

Loc 4157:  Myrina wished only be a wife - only to be 

Loc 4938:  And he had been fool-hearty - fool hardy

Happy reading.


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