Sunday, 8 September 2013

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Life is way too busy at the moment, and so it's not so much Daily Picks as every few days ........ I thought I would go a bit off piste this time and choose a Suspense.

With quite a few 4 and 5 star reviews, this seems to fit the bill:

When Peter Nicolson, a reporter with the Edinburgh Evening News, is almost killed by a gang leader out to make his mark, the only way to save his life is through a double kidney transplant. One of the first people in the world to be treated with the new genetic wonder drug 'SP-X4', Peter makes a remarkable
recovery. Yet as he recovers, his personality begins to change, and he discovers that he can see visions of unsolved killings committed by a murderer that no one has ever caught. Peter sets out to solve the murders, to track down the killer, and find out the truth behind the visions that he sees. 

As time progresses, and as Peter uncovers a trail of death that stretches across the United Kingdom and Europe, the makers of 'SP-X4' watch his actions from afar, anxious that he will uncover the incredible truth behind their new drug treatment, and conspiring to make sure he does not succeed in revealing it to the world. 

'Haunted From Within' is also the story of seven separate lives: readers will follow each character as the plot develops and their lives intersect,culminating in a surprise ending that few will predict.

Please beware: this book is based on fact: a medical phenomena that few understand and most are unaware of. At first, it may seem hard to believe. This is after all, just a story, a fast-paced thriller written to entertain you...but it will leave you wondering and talking about the definition of life' itself. Enjoy!

To get your copy whilst it's still free click HERE.

Happy reading.



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