Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My Daily Selection for Free Kindle Download on Amazon (DSOA)

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*Introducing a New Author to the Blog*

If in doubt, revert to type .... yep, an Historical Romance for today's selection.

Very much a shot in the dark, as it's a New Release; there are no Reviews; and I have never read this Author before:

Samantha Randall is a spirited young English beauty whose impetuosity puts her in a very compromising situation and the only thing that can salvage her reputation is marriage to Christopher Welles, a man she barely knows. As soon as the vows are spoken, her new husband whisks her off to his ship and they sail the following morning for America, to Christopher's home in the Spanish held Territory of West Florida. Though the voyage was uneventful, the same cannot be said for the newly-weds who are in constant conflict with each other - their fragile relationship, which they struggle to build, is forever being tested by misunderstandings and outside interference. Once settled in Christopher's home on the northern coast of Florida, they become closer and eventually fall in love - yet there are still challenges to come that will threaten to tear their world apart, some from outside forces beyond their control, others closer at hand.
With misfortune constantly overshadowing their lives, how will Christopher and Samantha - whose love was born of indiscretion and nurtured by enduring passion - be able to triumph over adversity and recapture the happiness that was so heartlessly taken from them?

I've taken a chance and downloaded it, if you would like to pick up a copy whilst it's free click HERE.

I haven't checked on Amazon for a few days, and was delighted to note that my Reviewer Status has risen (or dropped depending on which way one looks at it) to the late 2,000's .......... that made me very happy! I'm still heading in the right direction, it just takes longer the higher up the list you get.

There should be a couple of Reviews uploaded later on today, I've just finished reading a 3 Book Set, and also a short book of prose.

Happy reading for now peeps.



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