Friday, 6 September 2013

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*Introducing a New Author to the Blog*

Today's pick is a time travel novel by Indie Writer Mark Foyer - who is new to me.

I thought I would give it a go, but first off "Traveler"?  Is that North American spelling for Traveller?

Any hoo, miss picky pants put to one side, here's the synopsis:

Samantha lost the love of her life during the Civil War. The man she loved and was promised to, leaves their home on Deer Isle, Maine and heads off to fight the injustice of slavery. After two years of witnessing the harsh realities of the Civil War, Harlin's letters to Samantha and his family abruptly stop. Almost a year later when his tour of duty should be finished, he hasn't returned, and no one knows what happened to him. Samantha has lost almost all hope of ever seeing Harlin again.

Almost one hundred and forty eight years later, Alan Long experiences a life changing event. His first trip to Stonington on Deer Isle Maine ends tragically; but now just one month later his second trip to the island offers him an almost unbelievable opportunity. 

Quite by accident, Alan finds himself transported back in time to 1864 where he meets Samantha. Alan is sure he has gone crazy, time travel is just not possible and yet he finds himself with the ability to travel back and forth from his time to hers. As they get to know each other, Alan learns of her situation and vows to do what he can to help her. Surely the technology of his time can shed a light on the darkness from her time.

Alan sets out on an unlikely journey to uncover what happened to Harlin using technology Samantha could never be told about. In a series of twists and turns he develops new friendships on this small island paradise. Two men twice his age cross his path and the three unite together to try and change an outcome that should never have occurred. 

If you fancy taking a chance on this New Release, with, or without the extra L, then you can download it for free at the moment HERE, after all what is an L between friends?



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