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The synopsis appealed to me .... who wouldn't want to find out what made Peter Pan tick?

Peter’s side of the story at last!

Mid-Summer Night’s Eve 1706
Quivering with fear and rage, a six-year-old Peter crouches among the multi-coloured blooms and exotic scents at the bottom of his family’s enormous garden. He is determined to run away. Bored with her distinguished but dull companions, the exquisitely beautiful but rashly daring Fairie, Tinkerbell, observes him. For mischief’s sake, or so she thinks, she shows herself and shockingly initiates a conversation with ‘this perfectly scrumptious little human being’. Soon Peter’s life is changed forever, with inter-dimensional repercussions that ring down the centuries. 

From the Fairies’ home dimension and the Neverland, a realm as cosy and boundless as a child’s imagination, to London’s filthy streets and burning skies, the adventures of the boy who wouldn’t grow up are fully told. Learn about Peter’s official adoption by the Fairies and his tempestuous, enduring relationship with Tinkerbell. Read the truth about where he found the Lost Boys and the surprise identity of his deadliest enemy. Find out what made Captain Hook tick, and discover the nature of Peter’s romantic attachments to Wendy and her progeny. His combat service with the Royal Air Force in World War Two is revealed for the first time, as is a scandal that shook two dimensions and still hides a deep secret in yet another. 

JM Barrie assigned the rights of ‘Peter Pan’ to Great Ormond Street Hospital for children. Many of those rights have now expired, but the desire to help GOSH lives on with Peter’s autobiography and 50% of the profits from this book will be donated to that cause.

Editor’s Note: 
Conventional publishers hate what cannot be categorized. Is this action–adventure? Romantic fiction, or fantasy? True autobiography, or military history? What if it is all those things? I don’t know myself, but thanks to Amazon Kindle, Peter’s real story can now be brought before the public. 
He first came to me for advice and assistance 30 years ago, mostly because I’d been an American paratrooper in my youth and had had a near-death experience in Vietnam. My published books are all based on myth and legend or the supernatural. He guessed rightly that I was not fully part of one world or the other, and chose me to act for him as editor of his memoirs. Fearing both the mad house and the talk show circuit, Peter was understandably shy of publicity. Back then, he decided against publication but has finally changed his mind. 

I would like to thank Jane Fuller and Kate Bevan for helping me prepare the manuscript for publication because, despite what Peter thinks, I’m no great shakes as an editor. 

Above all, Peter’s multi-dimensional life has been one of wonder and the mysteries of existence. His story is told with honesty and true feeling. We have altered nothing, apart from the correction of spelling and modernising some archaic slang for clarity.

Peter insists that it is not his intention to debunk Sir James Barrie’s work. Nor does he fear this autobiography will spoil anyone’s enjoyment of it. There may, however, be people who wish to read of the true events that gave birth to the classic book and stage play. Peter Pan hopes his readers will enjoy and benefit from the lessons of his long and extraordinary life.

I couldn't hit the button for this one, which is HERE, just in case I missed it later on - although it will be a very long time until I can get around to reading it, as my WTR list is getting longer by the day with the arrival of the postman.

Happy reading, and I hope you enjoy this one.



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