Monday, 2 September 2013

#372 - Secrets of a Webcam Girl

Secrets of a Webcam GirlSecrets of a Webcam Girl by Annabelle T. Baxter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is another one of my Daily Selection of Free Kindle Downloads on Amazon (DSOA) from way back in March 2013, yes I am that far behind!

Originally I was interested in it as a part of the reference reading for my own novel, which has a high erotica content, and thought that it might be the usual full on but trite offerings that are so often seen.

I was totally, and happily wrong, it was so well written and very interesting. The Author gave a reasoned and entertaining view of her rise to, and life as, an Body Massage girl with happy endings (and sometimes beginnings).

My copy of the Kindle file has a much more appealing cover than this one - it's this one in fact:

Just two one very tiny typographical errors, meant that it was also a highly delivered quality ebook in that regard. If you're interested the Errors will (as usual) be listed on the full Blog Post #372 in September 2013 on my Blog.

5 stars from me.

Product Details

It was free for me at the time, but at the time of writing this post it is listed for £1.95 HERE, which is well worth the money in my view.

308 pages in length

Errors/Bug Bears:

Only one to mention after all. I went back to look and re-read one of them, and realised it was okay as it was.

57%:  If for no other reason than the human the human trafficking component ....

Correct to:

If for no other reason than the human the human trafficking component ....

Happy reading.



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