Monday, 2 September 2013

#371 - Almost a Bride

Almost a Bride (Wyoming Wildflowers, Book 1)Almost a Bride by Patricia McLinn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wyoming Wildflowers Series Book 1

It's always refreshing to get a really nice reader after a disastrous one - and this is exactly what I got with this sweet little contemporary love story.

Matty and Dave, childhood sweethearts that everybody said would end up together, the only thing is it took six whole years of growing up before their happy ending.

The Author had an easy and flowing style, so much so, that I completely forgot the fact that it was peppered with North American English.

With no mistakes, or bug bears, it was a nice entertaining 4 star read.

It would be a perfect beach read, or something to while away a journey if contemporary romance is your thing.

Product Details

This was one of my DSOA selections, way back in mid-March of this year, and at the time of writing this post it's still listed for free on Amazon HERE.

245 pages in length, and part of the Wyoming Wildflowers Series (I will add the details of the series in the Review by Series page at the top of the Blog.

Errors/Bug Bears:

Apart from the fact that it was written with North American English, none whatsoever.  Congratulations to the Author for producing a quality product, it makes a refreshing change.

Happy reading.



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