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#320 (#38 of 2013) - Letter of Love ~ Virginia Henley *NEW AUTHOR

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At Hampton Court Palace, Queen Elizabeth has arranged a marriage for her ward Burgundy Bedford with Lord Nicholas Mountjoy, Earl of Devon.

This union will join two great shipping families and provide Mountjoy with vessels to transport his troops to Ireland to quell the uprising led by Tyrone of Ulster.

Burgundy plans to thwart the queen, as her mother did before her, by eloping the day before the wedding.  He comes into possession of an ancient book passed down through two centuries from mother to daughter.

Between the pages of the book, Burgundy finds a letter written to her by her mother when her daughter was born.

The book's ancient legacy and the letter of love touches her heart and alters the course of her life forever.

Product Details:

I snagged this as a freebie on the Kindle Store back in December, but currently it is listed as 77p.  You can get it HERE.

Novella - 35 pages.

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Okay for a really quick read, as it was only 35 pages long.  I snagged it as a free download, but I don't think I would have been happy to pay the current listed price even so.  Not because of the length, but the lack of credibility.

Notwithstanding that this is a work of fiction, very early on Good Queen Bess bared her chest to a nobleman .... really, would that really have happened? I know that morals were lax them, but come on.

The next incident of credibility was towards the end, where the couple were riding in landscape of  Rhododendron and Azaleas.  From my limited knowledge of our history, I'm pretty certain that they were brought over from China in the late 18th century.

I'm no Historian, and I am willing to be corrected if the above points are in fact correctly stated by the author.  Call me a nitpicking whatsit, but a passing nod at research is nice to have.

That along with a few typographical errors kept the overall rating down to a 2.5 stars, and probably on Amazon just a 2 star rating as it doesn't rate the upgrade.



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