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#316 (#34 of 2013) - The Rakehell Regency Romance Series Box Set ~ Sorcha McMurrough *NEW AUTHOR


This set contains THREE full-length historical romance novels set in the Regency Period:

Book 1-The Mad Mistress

A Desperate Gamble … on Love!
Wealthy heiress Vanessa Hawkesworth is offered as the stake in a card game by her half-brother Gerald in order to cover his gambling debts. 

Clifford Stone, their nearest neighbor, only agrees to play for her hand in marriage in order to free her from Gerald’s excesses. Clifford is fascinated by the lovely if unworldly young bluestocking.

As his attraction grows, so too does his certainty that his new-found love is in increasing danger from malevolent forces who will stop at nothing, not even murder, to seize her newly-acquired fortune.

Vanessa must learn to trust a complete stranger with her heart, and her entire life. Stunned at her new fiance's accusations against Gerald, she is sure she is going mad, torn between loyalty to her family and the wildfire passion that flares every time Clifford touches her.

As new a series of crimes in the district threatens her new-found love and happiness, Vanessa must gamble all herself in order to protect her beloved Clifford, and bring the men responsible to justice before it's too late.

Book 2 -The Missed Match

The wrong man! The right woman....

Thomas Eltham, the Duke of Ellesmere, is about to give up any hope of winning the woman of his dreams, beautiful heiress Charlotte Castlemaine, when he overhears the most shocking plot against her by Thomas's worst enemy, Herbert Paxton. Her erstwhile friends hope to convince her to elope with Herbert in order to get her fortune and divide it up amongst themselves once she is dead.

Death would be a mercy for Charlotte. Thomas knows only too well what will happen to her at Herbert's hands. Another young woman Thomas once cared for was ruined and left mad by the vile seducer-Thomas is determined that the unsuspecting Charlotte will not share the same fate. Haunted by his past, the Duke sets out to save Charlotte by preventing the elopement--even if it means marrying her himself! 

Charlotte is just about to elope with Herbert, the man of her dreams when fate takes a hand in the form of the handsome Duke. Only a few sensual minutes in Thomas' carriage nearly proves her undoing. No other man's kisses have ever left her so filled with longing, not even her intended's. 

When her elopement is discovered by her family, she is trapped between telling the truth, and risking losing everything, or playing along with the Duke's shocking explanation of why they are together: that they are in love and were heading to Gretna Green to marry!

Book 3-The Miss Matched

Too Many Men?
Lovely heiress Pamela Ashton finds herself driven to distraction by the number of suitors beating a path to her door now that she has inherited most of her father's estate. From the handsome but dull Earl of Ferncliffe, to the dashing but poor Captain Breedon, she is confronted with a bewildering array of men all determined to make her their own.

But does Pamela want to be a mere ornament or possession of a greedy fortune-hunter? A breeder of children and the queen of gossip and sewing? Or is she destined for something greater?

Only the debonair local minister Jonathan Deveril seems to view Pamela as something other than a bank account or status symbol. Is it possible that Jonathan holds the key to her future, and her heart?

Product Details:

This is another that I snagged as a Freebie Kindle Download (see, there is a reason you should read this blog more often!).

At that the time of writing this post it is listed as £6.37 as Kindle Download and free for Amazon Prime Members.

Box set of 3 books - overall length 1055 pages.

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The main male characters for this boxed set came across as a bit to willing to preach if you ask me.

Very much the same forumula across the books, girl is a bit fluffy and doesn't care about much other than pleasure, needs man to show her how to be a better human.

Having that said that. I did enjoy manage to read them all. Give it a go.

Not sure I would have been happy if I hadn't picked it up as a free read though.

4 star rating, which was for the storyline and value for money as a freebie download combined.  I am not completely certain I would bother with this author again, but never say never.

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