Saturday, 16 March 2013

#311 (#29 of 2013) - The Bedford Beauty ~ Erika Hunter *NEW AUTHOR


Alice is the beautiful, free spirited daughter of Sir William Fulton and an ambitious matchmaking Lady Fulton who wants to see her daughter marry into the aristocracy. Alice is content with this plan until her brother and his best friend, Blake Hadley, return from the Peninsula War. She is unprepared for Blake's transformation from youth to man, and is torn between duty and love when Blake, a farmer's son, awakens a passion in her she has never felt before.

Product Details:

I managed to get this as a freebie Kindle download, however it is currently listed as 77p.

In view this is a might expensive for a Novella of 82 pages, which you can pick up full length books for less than that.  Until I review it though, it is probably unfair to comment on the price.

Classification Fiction > Romance > Historical

* * * * 


Short, but quite sweet novella.  Again, it was a freebie Kindle download that I managed to bag.

There were a few spelling/editorial errors here and there.

A 3 star read that would happily while away your time on a short journey, with a lovely end.

The only that that disappointed me is that the author could easily have expanded the plot to a fuller novella, or even a novel.  The quality of the writing would have stood up to that.

I would definitely read anything else she offered.



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