Friday, 22 March 2013

#314 (#32 of 2013) - Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant ~ Sarah Morgan *NEW AUTHOR


Ruthless Sicilian, virgin mistress 

He’s scarred, sexy, and unashamedly Sicilian… 

Silvio Brianza dragged himself out of the slums, but his scars run deep… 

She’s defiant, desirable, and utterly disobedient! 

Jessie still scrapes her living, scrubbing floors by day and singing in seedy bars by night… Silvio turned his back on that world, but now he’s found Jessie he’s going to make her his! 

Jessie may be powerless to resist Silvio’s raw sexuality, but no amount of dresses and diamonds can change their history. He’s her enemy, he’s shunned his past – he’ll never love the street girl she is…will he? 

Product Details:

I managed to pick this one up for free for Kindle just before Christmas, and at the time of writing this post it is still listed as free HERE.  That's isn't to say if you are reading this post retrospectively that will always be the case. 

Novella - 188 pages.

* * * *


Short punchy novella with betrayal at its heart, and how love can conquer all.

There were some bits that lagged a bit in the telling, however all all it was well written, and I'd certainly choose something by this author again.

All in all a 3 star read, a shame it wasn't slightly longer with a bit more jeopardy woven in as it could have garnered more.



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