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#315 (#33 of 2013) - I Married an Alien ~ Emma Daniels and Ethan Somerville

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When Ruth Clarke volunteers for an experiment to see into the future, she thinks it's a bit of a joke. But when Professor Jackson ups the power, Ruth ends up catapulted three hundred years into the future, into the body of Anita DeBurgh, a beautiful woman half her age.

Anita is on her way to another planet called Terron to fulfill her tour of duty as per the requirements of The Treaty. So when Ruth arrives she very quickly finds herself married to Jordan Demantena, who claims she is his life-mate.

As Ruth struggles to acclimatise to marriage to a tall, handsome and incredibly sexy alien, there are intergalactic terrorists after Anita.

Ruth and Jordan are soon running for their lives, trying to discover just what Anita knew and how to stop a potential war between Earth and Terron that could cost millions of lives.

Product Details:

I picked this up as a freebie Kindle download, and at the time of writing this post it is still listed as free.  You can go straight to the Amazon page HERE.  Obviously, if you are reading this post retrospectively I cannot guarantee that it is still available for free.

Novella - 158 pages

Book 1 in the Treaty Series

* * * *


With a title so full of cheese that it could easily pass for a Welsh Rarebit, and a Kitch Regency Cover image I was dubious to say the least for this offering.

It isn't something I would usually go for, but as I've got a two fold challenge for myself this year (to read as many freebie downloads and widen my book horizons) I decided to risk it.

What I got from my perception of title and cover combined, was in fact so very different, and a real treat in point of fact.

The Prologue was the weakest part, as it was claggy and a little confusingly written.  I would seriously suggest a some re-working should be undertaken to fix it, which would go a long way to ramping up the book's possible rating.

Whilst I loved Ruth/Anita characterisation, it was a little weak in places and a tiny bit of a pity fest.

I completely fell in love with Jordan.  My favourite scene is where he scents his mate.

There were minor typographical and grammatical errors, which it would be nice to see fixed.  There were additionally inconsistencies in names - this is a bug bear of mine - however the writing was overall well done and the problems mentioned didn't irritate me overly and put me off the book, or alter the ultimate rating.

This could easily run the distance as a full length piece of fiction if it could be tightened up and developed a little more.

Having gone into it expecting nothing in particular, I was very pleased to find that actually it was difficult to put down, so a 4 star rating (4.5 if I could) for this offering by joint authors.

I am looking forward to the next in the series, and will be downloading that very shortly.  I can't wait to find out what happens to the smelly and stained Professor.

As a footnote, I notice that neither of the authors have "About me" pages on Amazon.  It would be very nice to find out a bit more about them.



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