Sunday, 30 August 2015

#8 ~ Scribblings of Freya

Watching Monty Don this morning on Gardener's World, cocooned in the quiet before family life begins, I had the inspiration for a Haiku from a phrase he used.


The velvet season

Glorious colours spill forth

Winter looming near

(c) Freya Thorne
United Kingdom
All Rights Reserved

I like it so much, I think it might work in a longer piece, so I will mull over the possibilities.

Still no books from Open University, although to be fair to them, they aren't due for delivery yet.  It's just last year they arrived in July.  The two modules I'm doing are not due to start until early October, but I just need to get ahead, purely because I'm doing two modules this coming year; a huge amount of work.

Happy reading.



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