Monday, 3 August 2015

#457 - The Soul Conductor

The Soul ConductorThe Soul Conductor by Clair Susann Evans

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was really interested to read a debut novel from a fellow Open University Student, who had done the Creative Writing Module, and I wasn't disappointed at all with the quality of the writing.

It was, apart from one or two teeny tiny errors in the text that I cam across (detailed below) of a really high quality. The plot was original and kept my interest right to the very end. There was a conclusion, but it wasn't an outright happy ending ... in itself that is a refreshing change, as quite a lot of authors feel the need to wrap it up with a big bow, which can detract from the work as a whole.

There are still left questions unanswered, and hopefully there will be a follow up novel to move it on. Although I feel that Clair has it in her to really ramp up the writing and add more layers of twists and turns to create a truly stunning read.

High recommended.

I did stumble across the following errors on the Kindle file:

Loc 265:  As his body convulsed with of pain from ...

Loc 943:  ... pulled him along behind one of armoured horses ...

Loc 1331:  ... but the water for him bring up.

Loc 1737:  ... stayed in such good spirits and talk about it in such a carefree ...

Loc 1839:  ... trickled back his throat and ...

Loc 4772:  His heart leaped in expectation (I'm not sure about this one, I think it should be leapt).

Loc 5260:  ... Kilora agrees me very much.

As I said, they are minor, minor things, and definitely do not detract from a superb reading experience.  It is truly heartening to find an author that does not feel the need to use 'gotten', and for this alone I would have added a further star if the quality had not, in fact, been as exceptional as it turned out - it was a full on 5 star read.

Hugs, and happy reading


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  1. Hi, Kay,
    Many thanks for your review - mostly I am glad you enjoyed the novel as much as you did, but I'm also grateful to you for locating and making a note of the errors in the file. It's frightening how many slip through, particularly when the errors are not spelling errors! I am currently unable to edit the Kindle file due to a virus on my pc, but hopefully I will get this sorted out soon and I will be able to correct them, thanks to your helpful list.
    I am happy to report that work on the sequel is well under way - Quinn isn't done just yet...
    Best wishes,