Saturday, 22 August 2015

#6 ~ Scribblings of Freya

Having had a conversation with a new friend recently, I have come to realise that what can be revealed as a slightly flippant remark about something, can lead them to assume something quite different than perhaps is the actual bread and butter truth of a situation.

It got me to thinking, and a Haiku popped out:

A simple word said

Can oft' be misunderstood

Shielded truth lies under

(c) Freya Thorne
United Kingdom
All Rights Reserved

Muhhhhh, it's not an exemplary example of the art form, but it tells it how it is.  

The conversation, did get me started on a bigger picture of that truth though, and a new poem has started to struggle into life.  So far I'm really quite pleased with the 2 verses, or stanzas, or whatever they are.  I will develop it further; it most definitely has legs for a TMA for OU A215.

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