Wednesday, 5 August 2015

#458 ~ The Reluctant Lady

The Reluctant Lady: A Regency Historical Romance (The Gentlemen of Christopher's Book 1)The Reluctant Lady: A Regency Historical Romance by Kate Morrell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Book #1 of the Gentleman of Chirstopher's Series

I was expecting a slightly trashy romance novel, like so many on Amazon, but was pleasantly surprised. There wasn't a 'gotten' in sight, which is in itself a lovely and refreshing change. No need to deduct any stars therefore for lack of imagination the the side of the writer. I did deduct one for one or two slight grammatical errors around the family retainers', Mr and Mrs Cope and Mr and Mrs Coley, it was a silly mistake, especially given that two editors' have also been given credit. That having been said, on the whole it was a well written piece of work.

Apart from that it was of a decent length, with decently written characters and quite a taking plot. So, minus the deduction of 1 star above (see my blog for details), it was a four star read. I will be looking forward to other titles by this author. I did wonder if she was English or American, but think perhaps the standard, and fact that she has a very natural Heyer'esque style, the former is probably true.

Errors and Annoyances

Loc 1579: "The next morning the Coley's rose ..." - Coleys'.

Loc 1587: " ... with the Coleys ..." - Coleys'.

Loc 3570:  "The Cope's they sleep". - Copes'.

Loc 3581:  " ... to prevent the Cope's from interferring". - Copes'.

Loc 3609:  "... what had happened to the Copes, ..." - Copes'.

Loc 6848:  "... that he might savour her sweet scent one more, before ..." - is there a word missing?

Series title:  The Gentlemen of Christopher's series? - not sure that is correct all.

Happy reading.


Kay xoxo

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