Monday, 22 November 2010

#38 - Not Quite a Lady ~ Loretta Chase

ISBN:  0-7499-3795-5

This one followed on - although I am not sure sequentially in her writing - from the 'Miss Wonderful' book earlier this month.

The story of one of the younger brothers of Alistair Carsington, Darius and the already deflowered and dishonoured Lady Charlotte Hayward.

Darius is told by his Father, Lord Hargate, that he is a drain on not only the family resources, but the family honour and must take a property just out of Chancery and make a profit in a year or find and marry an heiress.  The property next door is owned by Lady Charlotte's Father, Lord Lithby.  Charlotte had spent the last 11 years after the cover up of her predicament by becoming very accomplished at not being put in a position where she would have to marry somebody, and they dreadful secret would be out, amd her Father would find out that her Stepmother played a big hand in helping her, not to mention how betrayed her Father would feel.

Splendidly humorous,  with fabulous scenes and characters in it, and a nice subject usually not covered by an author, i.e. what happens when a young innocent is actually deflowered by an utter rouge and the cover up behind it ...... which in this case eventually turned out just fine.

A 4 star **** read. The cover on the other hand was naff as a cheap shell suit, and would not lead anyone to believe such a good book lay beneath.

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