Friday, 5 November 2010

#27 - A Rogue's Proposal ~ Stephanie Laurens

IBSN:  978-1-40743-208-3

This isn't the cover that is on the copy I have from the library, but it's close enough .... you will know by now my hatred of putrid and trashy second rate illustrated covers that seem to prevalent with new copies of the books ~ I refuse to use them unless absolutely necessary!

Demon Cynster (Harry) returns to Newmarket to rusticate shortly after another Bar Cynster had fallen to the fickle hand of the parson's mousetrap.  Having vowed to surrender to no woman, he goes on to do just that when he comes across Flick Parteger (young ward of his Mentor General Sir Gordon Caxton) sneaking around and riding his prize horse on the gallops.

I can't deny I enjoyed the story, but it wasn't one of the best I have read, so rating as 3 Star ***.  That having been said, it's horses for courses, and my mother enjoyed it much more.

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