Wednesday, 3 November 2010

#25 - Splendid ~ Julia Quinn

ISBN:  978-0-7499-3912-0

Yes, I am reading a  lot of her work, and I refuse to apologise one jot!!!  Having bedded down to her style ~ I am completely at home.  They move me to tears (of the happy variety) and frustration sometimes for a hero to get a bloody MOVE ON, but they always make my heart sing.

I should have been making the bed, doing more housework, or any number of other wifely duties, but instead I've had a "Splendid" time .............absolutely SPLENDID time reading this book.

The story of wealthy American heiress, Emma Dunster who dressed as maid, and met Alex Ridgeley (Duke of Ashbourne), who would ultimately become the love of her live.

Splendid by title SPLENDID and full of humour on all fronts being a 5 Star ***** for me, even allowing for the use of "block" "in back" and other such Americanisms!

Happy reading


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