Wednesday, 17 November 2010

#35 - Confessions of a Duchess ~ Nicola Cornick

ISBN:  978-0-7783-0380-0

Right off the bat, it does have the most lovely cover .... beautiful jewels .... exactly as you would imagine a Duchess.

However, mmmmmmmm the quote on the cover says "Wonderfully original, sinfully amusing and sexy" ...... I missed it somewhere along the way.  I would have said slowish going, where was the amusement and what sex?

Simply very little happened, it did not gallop along, merely plodded .... albeit in a sedate and nice'ish way.

A 2 star ** rating I am afraid.

I got woken by an email from the Lending Library at 05:00 this morning, to say that the Reckless Bride is ready for pickup along with a whole host of others for Parental Control to have at.

Happy reading.



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