Thursday, 4 November 2010

#26 - Dancing at Midnight ~ Julia Quinn

ISBN: 978-0-7499-3913-7

I am unsure if this was actually a real sequel to 'Splendid', i.e. written exactly after it ... or it was just a sequel by virtue of the fact that it is about Lady Arabella Blydon (Cousin of Emma eventually Duchess of Ashdowne featured in Splendid).

Shortly after the Emma and Alex get married, bluestocking Bella is visiting for an extended stay whilst her parents sojourn in Italy.  She trespasses onto a neighbour's land and is challenged by Lord John Blackwood.

I have to say that I immediately fell in love with him ......... I am just the kind of girl that simply cannot resist an injured and damaged war hero.  Especially when you add in good looks, and social ineptitude ......... so much so indeed, that I finished the book early this morning [see previous post, I only started it late on yesterday evening].

My favourite scene was Belle's blister on her way to visit him, closely followed later in the book by John climbing a tree to her room, and even later on Belle climbing a tree to his room and ultimate deflowerment (not sure if it's an actual word, but it should be) ~ notice I did not say ruin!

It was ummmmmmmmmm, more Splendid that Splendid was Splendid if you see what I mean.  Although with tiny things like "block" cropping up again.  We do not have blocks here in England, just a minor irritation though.

I have set a limit on here of 5 stars being the highest, but I am going to make an exception with a 5 star +, being the ultimate.  All in all a lovely, frothy and delightful read - take it on a plane, train or automobile ride .... better still, take an Cruise and snuggle up on a the deck in a cosy blanket and get a steward to keep bring coffee, alcohol and choccies to assist in your journey across these pages.

5 Star ***** +

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