Saturday, 6 November 2010

#28 - Never Lie to a Lady ~ Liz Carlyle

ISBN:  978-1-4165-2714-1

Don't let this particular cover deceive you.  It looks like a 1970's "Dynasty" type affair, but in actual fact proved to be a truly masterful and mysterious piece of work by a new author to me, Liz Carlyle.

Where can just one stolen and illicit kiss in the moonlight lead?

Sybarite Stefan Nottingham, Lord Nash meets a beautiful lady (Xanthia Neville) on the terrace at the ball of Lord & Lady Sharpe.  That stolen kiss leads on to not only a story of smuggling, intrigue and spies, but more importantly a building obsession between the two of them.

There were so many delightful characters woven through this tale, with lovely pieces of well written humour, that I fairly ripped through the pages.

A big 4.5 Star **** for me, and giddy enthusiasm to move on to the sequel 'Never Lie to a Duke' and see how some of the supporting characters go forward.

Happy reading.


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