Friday, 21 March 2014

#433 ~ The Kingdom of Tamarack

The Kingdom of TamarackThe Kingdom of Tamarack by Ross Turner

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Please bear in mind if you read the following, the fact that I have marked this as 1 star and DNF (Did Not Finish) should not be a damming indictment of this particular authors ability.

I gave it a go, but quickly decided that it just wan't going to ding my dong. I couldn't get a clear sense of the author's voice, and it was a little confusing. Most definitely an example of telling, not showing.

I can't even say that there were huge mistakes in grammar. It wasn't riddled with typos, there didn't even seem to be many punctuation errors (except Loc 31 and the incorrect use of a comma splice) - it just wasn't for me.

I have a whole mountain of books, in Kindle and of the old-fashioned book variety, to keep me going for well over a year; more are joining the book-lift queue to join that mountain, so I just thought "thank you, but I will give this a miss".

Please give the thing a try, you might love it - what is one reader's turn off is sure to be just the thing for a.n.other.

Product Details

One of my DSOA picks from April 2013.  Please download a copy and give it a go, prove me wrong.  It's available HERE.  Listed at £1.99 for the Kindle file and £5.37.

Errors/Bug Bears

Loc 31:  incorrect comma splice

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