Sunday, 16 March 2014

#001 ~ Novel Experience

It has been lovely and quiet this morning, and so I have taken advantage of this and started on the outline of my novel.

The situation has reached ridiculous proportions:  whenever I have any contact with at least 5 friends, my English Tutor and my Aunt, they ask the same thing ... have you started yet?

It's driving me mad, and therefore the best course of action was to actually stop resisting, and get going.

From my notes, which incidentally I write, or rather dictate, when walking the dog, I've put down the bare bones of the Prologue, Acts, Epilogue and Extras.

When I write anything, even a short story, I do this.  On Word and it gets messy and difficult to control.  So, yesterday, Guy downloaded Srivener for me ... and it makes life easier.

The really scary bit, was when I worked out the word count, and added the approximate number of words per block in each Act - I am now bricking it.  That is a serious amount of wordage!

As Biddy, my English tutor always complains I write too much when I get going, hopefully it will seem less like looking up at Mount Kilimanjaro when I'm just in bedroom slippers instead of full on climbing gear.

Wish me luck I'm going in....



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