Thursday, 20 March 2014

#004 ~ Write Practice ~ End Game Prompt

My Write Practice today is working to the Prompt What's your End Game?

So, here's my 15 minutes of mind and finger vomit ... no words were harmed by editing in the following piece, although some grammar was bludgeoned to death:

My End Game

1.  What’s your purpose that your writing will serve?

I don't dream about being a hugely successful author, like Amanda Hocking, but I do dream that I will eventually publish something that isn't totally crap, that people will laugh at, and point to me in the street.   I also hope that when I do, and that day is not too far off now, I won't fall into the trap of leaving a trail of poor grammar, punctuation and typos in my wake, for the collective reviewing hoard to jump up and down on me.  After all, that would be stupidity beyond belief wouldn't it?  Haven't I just spent the last couple of years criticising others for doing that.  I want to be out there, but not just out there in a quiet way, oh no, out there and proud of my endeavours.

If I'm honest, and I do try to be most of the time ... I want a tribe.  A tribe, that will like what I do, recognise my voice and want to buy into it.  I don't specifically want to be genre specific.  The reasoning behind that is, pure and simple, I'm a Sagittarius (the butterflies of the cosmic world); I get bored easily.

I want to hone what I've learnt, and do it well.  Get better at it - thus why I'm totalling buying into the 10,000 hours to strengthen my writing muscles.

2. Who do you want to talk to?

I could totally stand in front of a group, back the Sagittarius thing, we like an audience, but I would much rather be something that is picked up on an ebook and read, and then the next thing I write is read because of merit.  My tribe, not necessarily all the same as me, would like variety and also a bit of spice.

I naturally gravitate to romance, it's what I love.  I am an incurable romantic.  I am proud of that fact.  I would love to try a bit on monster porn, or fantasy world building too.  Unlike my men, I like non-exclusivity in writing, and reading, habits.

I don't really do children (not even my own *boom tish!*), so I can't imagine ever writing a kids story.  Never say never though.

3. What about the money part?

Money buys shoes and handbags, and Marks & Spencer's Blackcurrant Sundaes.  I would be a fibber if I denied it wasn't important.  You can only buy lots of M&S cakes with lots of money (would I then be a big fab fibber?), so I would like to make money.

I would like money to help my dreams come true.  One day I would love a small, but successful ebook publishing company, that will take money, money, and even more money.  I would love a trip to New Zealand, that will take lots of pennies too.

I am not the next Amanda Hocking, but I am going to be an Indie Writer this year.  For the moment, that will be good enough for me.

I'm doing well towards the whole 10,000 hours thing - 4 x 15 minutes = 1 hour.  I have 9,999 hours to go.

© Kay Bolton

Happy reading, writing, or whatever floats your boat.



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